1 month sugar free

So, if you’ve read the title, or my Instagram (yes, I know, Instagram isn’t for reading, it’s for mindless scrolling, excuse me for trying to tell you about my life), you might know I’ve been sugar free for about a month now. I think. Hang on. *scrolls vigorously* Yep, 1 month, 3 days! Time to review.

To clarify: when I say I’ve gone sugar free, I mean I don’t eat added sugar (if it’s more than 2% of the product). So I can still eat fruit, yay! It basically means I can’t eat store bought soups and smoothies and sauces, and other things that start with ‘s’, but I can make my own and eat that. We clear? Ok cool.

First of all: the detox is definitely a thing! 2 weeks of intense craving and snapping at your poor boyfriend…unfortunately this is definitely a thing. BUT THEN. Oh man. I eat like, dried apricots now. For candy. FOR REALS. AND I ENJOY THEM. I have to say though: I miss chocolate. I got me some sugar free chocolate from Céréal, but that shit is at least 3 times more expensive than normal, so I have to pace myself. I do not appreciate having to pace myself when it comes to chocolate. I’m still trying to cook up some kind of alternative, literally, by making ganache with cacao and Stevia, but so far it’s kinda meh.

I don’t really miss anything besides chocolate. Mostly what I miss is the convenience of things, not the things themselves. I made this decision pretty unprepared, so right away the next morning I had this question of ‘what the hell am I going to put on my bread?!’. Cheese, apparently. That was literally my only option out of the whole kitchen. Time for some change! I learned how to make peanut butter the very next day!

Now, I’ll post about the recipes I’ve learned, but I think I prefer them to be their own post. Am I the only one who gets super annoyed when they’re looking for a recipe and they have to scroll through someones entire life story interspersed with 45 extremely similar pictures of the dish you JUST WANT THE DAMN RECIPE FOR STOP YAPPING ALREADY?

A month on, I’m pretty positive on this change. I’m eating a lot more fruit, which is always a good thing. I haven’t lost weight, surprisingly, but that’s more of an added bonus for me anyway. I do find it a lot easier to manage my eating, which is kind of what I was going for. By this I mean that, without the sugar cravings all day, I’m eating less impulsively, and I get less cranky when I don’t get my fix immediately. So overall I’d say this was a very good decision!


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