One of those days

It has been one of those days today. You know, the kind of day where you discover at 6 pm you’ve been wearing your shirt inside out all day long. The kind of day where you have to let a doctor poke you where it hurts, not for healing purposes, but insurance reasons. The kind of day where 30% of your (admittedly tiny) house ends up covered in flour just because you used 3 tablespoons of flour in something and it’s just that kind of day. Sigh.

Oddly enough, I feel better than last week. Last week, I felt like everything was useless and stupid and blegh, even though nothing was happening. This week, I feel kind of ok, even though useless and stupid and blegh things are happening. I’m pretty sure that difference is kind of the textbook definition of depression. I’m not trying to exaggerate, like ‘OMG I felt soooo depressed when she was voted off the island!’, I’m just saying after 7 years of therapy, 2 different antidepressants and a handful of diagnoses, that’s one of the best definitions of depression I have: when things aren’t blegh, but feel ridiculously blegh, especially when it’s long periods of time; that’s probably depression. I know, we’re getting real scientific there…

I’m glad I managed to, well, I don’t like it when people say ‘snap out of it’, but get out of that pothole, I guess. I’ve only just recovered from my 5 weeks of wisdom tooth surgery related fatigue, I’d hate to come down with something else. I finally want to get something done, for Thors sake! I really have quite a lot to do.

I’m going to my first wedding ever in about 6 weeks now, and I do not have a dress yet. Furthermore, I shall not buy such a dress, I shall make it. This is my Plan. Unfortunately, I kind of lack experience when it comes to sewing non-knits, and I don’t think I can get away with a jersey knit at a wedding… Also facings. And zippers. Not good at those. Aside from any overly ambitious sewing projects, I’m also still figuring out a lot of sugar free recipes, and baking sourdough bread every other day for me and the boyfriend. Yeah, I’m going to need a miracle. Wish me luck!


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